The Chi Machine is a device created by Japanese scientist Dr. Shizuo Inoue. It holds US FDA approval as a Class 1 Medical Device Regulation #890.5660 . It is claimed to oxygenate the body via "passive aerobic exercise", which the manufacturer claims stimulates the lymphatic System, and supposedly enables detoxification. This mechanism for treatment is not recognized by the scientific community.

The machine is a box-like device with an "ankle cradle" that moves from side to side at approximately 140 oscillations per minute. The user is instructed to lie down flat on the floor and rest their ankles on top of the machine.

In June 2000, HTE Australia, the manufacturer of the device, contracted with Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia to conduct clinical trials on the impact of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine on the lymphatic system. Led by Professor Neil Piller the clinical trials focused on patients with venous Ĺ“dema and secondary lymphoedema. Results showed loss of fluid and a reduction in pain and swelling . The clinical trials did not show a statistically significant change in blood flow, oxygen levels in the blood or levels of immune response or activity. Other than an editorial published alongside the clinical trial, there has been no citation or additional verification of these results.

The Chi Machine can be seen in an episode of the MTV show "Rob and Big"


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