Hatoyama is a Japanese surname and place name.


  • Hatoyama , a town located in Hiki District, Saitama, Japan


  • Kazuo Hatoyama , Vice-Foreign Minister, speaker of the House of Representatives of the Diet of Japan from 1896-1897, University of Tokyo professor, former principal of Waseda University , father of Ichirō Hatoyama, and great-grandfather of Yukio Hatoyama and Kunio Hatoyama.
  • Haruko Hatoyama, Japanese educator, co-founder of what is today Kyoritsu Women's University, mother of Ichirō Hatoyama, and great-grandmother of Yukio Hatoyama and Kunio Hatoyama.
  • Ichirō Hatoyama , Secretary of the Cabinet, Minister of Education and 52nd, 53rd and 54th Prime Minister of Japan.
  • Kaoru Hatoyama: schoolmaster of Kyoritsu Women's University; wife of Ichirō, mother of Iichirō
  • Iichirō Hatoyama , former Foreign Minister of Japan in 1976-1977, eldest son of Ichirō Hatoyama and father of Yukio Hatoyama and Kunio Hatayama.
  • Yasuko Hatoyama , wife of Iichirō, mother of Kazuko, Yukio and Kunio
  • Yukio Hatoyama, Prime Minister-designate of Japan, leader of the Democratic Party of Japan, grandson of Ichirō Hatoyama, son of Iichirō Hatoyama and older brother of Kunio.
  • Kunio Hatoyama, Japanese politician, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, " title="Liberal Democratic Party ">Liberal Democratic Party), former Minister of Education, Labour, and Justice, grandson of Ichiro Hatoyama, son of Iichirō Hatoyama and younger brother of Yukio.
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